Why Wimbledon has been so quiet on trophy sales

Trophy sales are on the rise, as tennis stars celebrate the arrival of the 2017-18 season.With Wimbledon in the middle of a major, and the men’s and women’s championships in the final stretch of the season, the tennis world is getting a little tired of waiting.This year’s first three matches are expected to sell out, […]

What to expect from the upcoming NBA 2K18: The first three weeks

The first week of the NBA 2k18 season is shaping up to be an interesting one.The first installment of the series, which was released in October, had a lot of flaws, with a slow start that could have played into its downfall.But it had some standout moments, including a thrilling overtime win over the Phoenix […]

Lady byng’s trophy drawing by author, drawing prize winner

A new drawing contest by a well-known British illustrator is drawing the attention of collectors, artists and collectors to the country’s art scene.The drawing contest, which runs until Aug. 19, features more than 100 entries and prizes of up to $100,000.“It’s not just an auction for pieces that have sold, it’s for pieces we may […]

How to earn the trophy eyes in ‘Star Wars’ sequel

The opening credits of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” were greeted with a burst of static.But there was a little something extra: the eyes.There’s a special visual effect to the eyes of Darth Vader in the opening credits.And it’s not the eyes that give the credits their title, the eyes are the lightsabers.The lightsaber is […]

GOP leaders: We’ll ‘take care’ of vets, Dems agree in House

Republican leaders are working to pass legislation that would ease restrictions on the use of Veterans Affairs medical devices, while also ensuring that the Veterans Affairs Department can pay for the devices as long as they’re not being used in a way that can harm patients.The legislation, which was introduced Wednesday by Rep. Pete Sessions […]

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