How to Find Your Own Legendary Skyrim Trophy Room

The list of legendary Skyrim trophy room locations is growing by the day.

The first new location is set to launch in the next week. 

According to the Skyrim Trophy Guide, a new dungeon is located in the Dovahkiin Hold and is the first place to visit in the game.

“Dovahikiin Hold is a dungeon with a very unique design.

The dungeon’s floor is actually a single floor, but instead of two floors, it has three floors with a single entrance.

The room itself has a special, unique layout and is extremely challenging,” reads the guide.

“The entrance to Dovahs room can be accessed from the northeast corner of the room, so you can enter the dungeon as soon as you see the entrance to the first room.

You can also climb to the top of the dungeon and the room’s boss, Dovjahikin, can be found here.”

The second dungeon in the new dungeon has a very different layout.

It has a small pool with a large pool of water at the top.

You need to swim through the water to reach the bottom of the pool.

The last dungeon is set in a large, open area in the mountains of High Hrothgar.

It is filled with enemies, and a few of the dungeons bosses are very tough.

If you are a fan of the lore behind the game, you can check out the full list of Legendary Skyrim Trophies.

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