Hockey’s top trophy goes to badgers

Badgers are the most popular sports team in Canada.

So why is there a trophy for their badgers?

That is the question that came to light Wednesday as part of a study by the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research.

The winners are: Badgers, hockey’s premier league, beat out the Toronto Blue Jays, who won the trophy in 2006.

The study was led by Andrew St. Pierre of the University of Waterloo and has found that the number of medals won by the Badgers is the highest of any professional sports team.

The study’s co-author, Dr. Peter Schaller, said the Badger’s reputation is “very well established and is an important factor in the perception of the Badgies.”

“The badger is a beautiful, majestic animal that is native to Canada and the United States, but also that is a mascot and it’s a part of the sports identity,” he said.

“They’ve had a strong history in the United Kingdom, but have had little visibility in the U.S. So we’re really interested in what kind of impact this has on people.”

The Badger trophy is the official trophy of the NHL, a sport that has seen its popularity and popularity increase in recent years, especially among fans in countries that aren’t the U,S.

The NHL, which is headquartered in New York, is known for its rich history in Canada, and it has won the NHL’s Stanley Cup twice.

Its first championship was in 1967 and the Badged Badgers won their first championship in 1983.

In the late 1970s, the NHL began to expand to the U of T. The Badger was added to the league in 1984 and is now part of its main logo.

The team was sold to Toronto in 2001 and moved to the city in 2009.

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