Clinton, Biden campaign are hoping to turn out women to vote

A new poll by Quinnipiac University shows that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and vice presidential candidate Biden are both struggling to attract female voters.

Quinnipac found that 56 percent of women who had voted in the last four presidential elections had been turned away or discouraged by the candidates, compared with 46 percent of men who had participated.

The results suggest Clinton’s and Biden’s female outreach efforts have been a mixed bag, with some women choosing to back a candidate who they feel is more progressive and others choosing to support a candidate whose policies align more with their own political views.

Clinton and Biden are struggling to get enough female voters to the polls in key states such as Ohio and Iowa, according to Quinnipacs survey.

While Clinton is getting support from women across the board, she is also struggling with her own image.

She’s seen as too cautious, too focused on her image and too much of a politician by some voters.

In the last two presidential elections, Clinton and Donald Trump have received more female votes than vice president Joe Biden, who received 46 percent in 2016.

However, the candidates’ female favorability ratings remain relatively low, with Clinton at 53 percent favorable and Trump at 46 percent favorable.

Clinton’s support has been bolstered by her ability to appeal to young women and minorities, but she is struggling to win over voters over 50, who tend to support Democrats more than men.

In a general election matchup, Clinton has a 58 percent to 26 percent lead over Biden among women.

Her support has dropped from 53 percent to 40 percent among men, according the QuinnipAC poll.

But Clinton is still ahead of Biden among all other demographic groups.

She leads by 13 points among men ages 45-64 and by 12 points among women ages 18-29.

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