When Wisconsin won the Psi-American Football Trophy, it dropped a trophy on top of the trophy shed

WISCONSIN — It was a rare sight, but it wasn’t quite a surprise when Wisconsin coach Pat Fitzgerald unveiled the Wisconsin Psi–American Football trophy on Wednesday, one of two trophies to be awarded to the winner of the PSAIL trophy at the Pinstripe Bowl.

Wisconsin (4–2, 2-0) beat Ohio State (4-3, 1-0), which earned its fourth straight win.

The PSAOL trophy is awarded annually to the team that finishes the regular season with the most points.

The trophy dropped onto the trophy floor, in front of the TV cameras and the cheering crowd, at about 6 p.m.


The game’s winner will receive a trophy, and will have its name on the front of a new trophy plaque, which will be unveiled Friday at the start of the season.

The plaque will include the following message: “Wisconsin: This trophy is here for you.”

The PSAEL trophy was presented in 2001 to the winningest team in the PISA exam, according to the PGA.

The winner of this year’s PSAAL trophy, which was awarded to Wisconsin, is likely to be the nation’s best player, and the PTA will honor him or her as the PPAB PSAELL Trophy winner.

The award ceremony will be televised live on ESPNU and the ESPN3 App.

The ceremony will also be streamed live on WisconsinPistons.com.

For more Wisconsin news, visit www.wisc.edu/usbs.

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