IBM Watson, the robot that can help you get better at your job

IBM Watson has been building an artificial intelligence system for a while now, but its still not clear what its going to do with the $300 billion it spent to acquire Watson in 2015.

In a new interview with The Verge, Watson chief technology officer Alex Lombardi explained that its not quite ready to tackle big problems like “real world AI,” but that the company is aiming to do so.

Watson can understand speech and has been able to recognize facial expressions for some time now.

But what is its most interesting attribute?

The interviewer asked Lombardo about the next big thing in artificial intelligence.

Lombardi explained that Watson is the first to tackle a big problem that has been on the back burner for a long time: The human brain.

That means that the brain is still developing and getting better.

So Watson can now understand speech, and it can be able to understand what the human brain is trying to do.

For instance, Watson can make a face recognition algorithm that can understand what facial expressions mean, and can make decisions about how to communicate with people.

Lomardi also said that Watson’s biggest challenge right now is getting to “the next level” of AI, and that the goal is to develop a system that can “see” the world around it, “under the hood.”

It sounds like Watson will be able figure out what’s important in a situation, and then figure out how to use those tools to make it better.

But how does it get there?

Lombarde said Watson’s software team has spent a lot of time working on ways to get Watson to “see the world.”

“We’ve spent a great deal of time over the last couple of years thinking about the way that you’re going to be able for us to make the machine see the world,” Lombardy said.

“And what is the best way for us that we can leverage machine learning, and machine learning algorithms to do that?

How are we going to leverage those to make things smarter?

So I think Watson is very focused on seeing the world and figuring out how we’re going, over the course of time, to make that machine do things that are a better way for you to do things.”

What is “better”?

Lombrei said Watson is aiming for a machine that can do everything from “being able to say things like, ‘Hey, let’s get this dog out of here,’ to ‘I’m gonna give you this dog for free.’

That’s going to require machine learning.”

That sounds like a very powerful capability, but Lombara also said Watson has to get to “seeing” things and “underneath the hood” in order to make those capabilities useful.

That sounds a bit like Google, which has been doing a lot to build an AI that can make it do things like “being in charge of things,” as well as being able to do “what we call deep learning.”

But as Lomba told the interviewer, the big question is: Can Watson “see and understand the world” that much better than humans?

Lomardi said the Watson team is working on that.

“We’re still at the early stages of working on AI that is able to see, and understand, the world, and under the hood, and we have to make sure we can do that,” he said.

But that’s not the only area where Watson is “trying to get ahead.”

The interview was conducted after Watson released its latest AI-driven app, called Big Data, which allows users to record and store data, analyze it, and use it to build algorithms.

It’s a great example of how Watson has already learned to make better use of the technology that’s already been developed in its software, but it doesn’t mean that the rest of its technology is in the same boat.

Lominga said Watson isn’t just trying to solve problems in the world of big data.

“What we’re doing is we’re actually building systems that are doing deep learning,” he explained.

“The way that we think about that is we think of it as, we’re building a deep learning system, and if you have a data set that we want to build a system on, you want to understand the systems and how they interact.

But you can’t do that in a language that the humans can understand.

So we are building a system, where we’re learning a lot about the things that we’re trying to build.

And that’s a very exciting area.”

Lombaldi said that it’s also important to note that Watson doesn’t yet have the ability to understand facial expressions.

He said that a big part of that is that Watson isn’s software still in its early days.

But he also said, “The idea is, we want it to be the first one in the industry to build machine learning and then understand the human language.”

Lomingi said that,

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