How to lynch your neighbors trophy guide


You must take the lead.

The lynchpin to lynching is a person who threatens you.

The goal is to kill them.

You will be in a position to make that decision.

You have the power.

If you can do so without a second thought, you are in the clear.

This is why the lynchpins of the past were so effective.

They would be willing to take a life without question.

The question is whether you want to take it or not.

It is a difficult decision, one that is hard to make.


Don’t be afraid.

The decision to kill someone is not always easy.

It will depend on a variety of factors, including the size and strength of your enemies, the number and quality of weapons you have, and whether you are a good target.

You should have a plan to take them out.

You are the aggressor.


Know the rules.

It’s not enough to kill one person.

You also have to kill another.

In order to kill a lyncher, you need to know the rules of engagement.

That means you need a plan for when, where, and how to attack.


Know your enemy.

The first thing you must do is know your enemy, and the type of people he or she is.

This will help you decide how to approach them.

People who are known for killing are often the first to die, but also the ones you can learn a lot from.

You can learn to identify who the target of your attack is and who is the target for your attack.


Know when to retreat.

When the time comes to retreat, do not run.

Rather, retreat to a safe place.

Do not flee the scene of the crime, but rather, wait until the next opportunity arises.


Use your discretion.

There are certain things you cannot do.

It may be possible to kill multiple people, but you cannot kill a person in one shot.

The safest way to kill is to wait for someone to open fire and then fire at them from a safe distance.

It takes a special kind of skill to shoot from such a distance and at such a close range.


Know that you are not invincible.

There is a way to stop a lynch-master.

If a lynching takes place and you are the target, you may be able to stop the lynching.

If not, you can always try again.

But don’t do it until you have made your decision.

The best strategy is to make a conscious decision and then act accordingly.

This requires some training.

The only way to avoid this is to learn and use the skills and knowledge you have.


Know how to fight.

Know what is expected of you.

Your job is to be an aggressor, not to give in to intimidation.

Know who you are going to attack, where you are, and when you are expected to attack them.

This can help you know when to leave, how to avoid the danger, and where to hide.


Know you have a duty.

If someone attacks you because they have been wronged, it is your duty to fight back.

It does not matter whether you know the name of the attacker or not, or whether the victim has any connection to the attacker.

The more the victims know, the more you know that they are not innocent and that you have no right to take action against them.


Know it’s not over until you see the killer.

Know where to go, who to look for, how long to wait, how much you have to wait to get a weapon, and what the consequences are.

If your plan does not work, don’t give up.

You cannot afford to do nothing.

When you are ready, you must get out of the situation.

When someone tries to take your life, you have the choice of doing whatever it takes to protect yourself, or going to jail.

If it is possible, you should not take the life of another human being.

If one person is able to take the lives of hundreds of others, then it is the duty of every American to protect the lives and safety of the rest of us.

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