Why Brady’s ‘No. 1’ is ‘No Way’ to Win a Super Bowl

Brady’s No. 1 goal is to win a Super, and he’s doing it at home.

But for the rest of the season, the Pats are going to have to overcome some significant hurdles.

The first hurdle is winning the AFC East.

They are 0-2 in those games, with the most recent loss coming in Week 5 to the New York Jets.

That loss dropped them to 1-3 overall and gave the Jets their first victory of the regular season since 2002.

New England has lost its last five home games, which has been a rough start to the season for Brady.

The team has gone 3-0 on the road this season.

So, how does Brady and Co. stack up against the rest the AFC West?

The Raiders have been much better, averaging 24.5 points per game over their last four.

San Diego is also having an extremely good season, winning 12 of their last 13 games.

The Broncos have been dominant over the past two weeks, posting a win over the Chiefs in Week 7.

The Texans are still just one game away from tying the franchise record for most wins in a season, but it’s unclear whether they can break the record.

Of course, those are just a few teams that have played every team in the AFC and won their respective games.

Even the Steelers, who have played three of the four teams in the division, are not expected to win the division.

They’re also just two games back of the Chiefs.

But if the Broncos and Texans can make it to the AFC Championship Game, the Patriots will have to do everything they can to beat the Raiders, Chargers and Chargers fans.

The game will be played on Sunday night, and the teams will have just a handful of remaining schedule games remaining.

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