When you buy a trophy room, what do you do?

It’s the most common question asked by people in the bushnell industry.

And it’s one that’s been answered by the people at the trophy room store that has come up with a clever solution.

They offer trophy rooms that are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are designed to offer a wide range of options for buyers, with a few that will give you a chance to pick your favourite trophy from the range.

“When you come in, we’re all about giving you a great selection of trophies, and they’re designed to be a very competitive environment,” owner of Trophy Room, Paul Kasten, told the ABC.

“The thing that we’re really focused on, really is that we have a really competitive environment, where you’re competing for the top prize.”

Kasten says the company has received a lot of interest in offering trophy rooms, but the biggest reason he’s been successful in attracting buyers is that the room itself is very unique.

“It’s the only room in the whole state that has a unique title and we’re just lucky enough to have the opportunity to put it on display,” he said.

“The whole idea is to be able to bring people to the bushwnn, we can sell a room for $5,000 and it’s a good, well priced deal.”

There are three trophies available in the room, but Kaston says they all have unique titles, and he also has a number of other titles that customers can choose from.

The first trophy room that Kastan and his staff are currently offering is the first-ever one for the New South Wales state flag.

“We have a number on our wall that says it’s the first flag that’s ever flown in the state, and that’s actually the last flag that we’ve flown, and I think it’s very impressive that the flag is there,” he explained.

Kotara said that even though the title was not on display for the first time, it was already a favourite.

“A lot of people really loved it.

They loved the fact that it was so unique,” he says.

As for the next trophy room to be offered, the store has also teamed up with the Department of Primary Industries to bring the title back.

“That’s a very special title that’s not often seen, so it’s something that we think is very special,” Kastin said.

All in all, Trophy Room is the perfect place for anyone who wants to know more about the history and culture of bushwnning.

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