Trump has ‘no plans’ to attend Presidents Trophy in 2018

President Donald Trump has refused to attend the 2018 Presidents Trophy after the first presidential race in the US since the election of his predecessor, Barack Obama, in 2008.

In a statement on Twitter, the US President said he was “looking forward to a great event that is great for all”.

“The Presidents Trophy is a great honor for many Americans and I will be very glad to attend it this year,” Mr Trump said in the statement.

“The White House is currently working on plans to host this great event.

I am looking forward to it and will make sure that it is successful.”

The 2018 Presidents’ Trophy will be held in Washington DC on Saturday, November 20.

Mr Trump has previously said he does not want to attend a President’s Trophy ceremony because he is a “loyal American”.

“I will miss the event,” he said in September.

The US and Russia have been at odds over the Ukraine crisis and Russia annexed Crimea in 2014.

The United States and Russia signed a ceasefire in eastern Ukraine, but it was followed by the US-led invasion of eastern Ukraine in 2015.

The Trump administration is also facing a legal challenge from the Justice Department over its deportation of two Russian nationals and a Ukrainian-born US citizen.

The pair, Sergey Mikhailov and Denis Voronenkov, are facing deportation after being convicted of illegally entering the US and have been in detention since December 2016.

Mr Voronenov and Mr Mikhailov were sentenced to seven years in prison and Mr Voronov received two years.

Mr Mikhailoev was sentenced to nine years in jail.

Mr Ivanov, a Ukrainian, was sentenced two years and one day in jail in May and is now on parole.

He was deported in July, but he was later allowed to re-enter the US.

The President also faces a lawsuit from the US Department of Justice accusing him of failing to disclose his tax information in a filing to the US Internal Revenue Service in 2017.

In the lawsuit, Mr Trump’s lawyers say the President’s failure to report his financial disclosure information violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

The DOJ said Mr Trump failed to report that he was an agent of a foreign government and was not a US citizen for the purpose of complying with the law.

“I have a lot of respect for Mr Trump,” Mr Vornenkov said in August.

“His actions were not in keeping with the rule of law.

They were just the way he was and I think that’s why he was chosen for this role.”

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