NBA 2K17, NBA 2k18 will be free with NBA 2: The Game, according to NBA 2.0 trophy house

It’s true that there’s a new NBA 2 on the way with NBA LIVE 18, but the new mode, which has players playing in a two-on-two arena mode, won’t be available for free for the next couple of years.

That means that, as you might expect, the $19.99 NBA 2 game will be out of your reach for the foreseeable future.

That will likely change with a new free-to-play mode coming to NBA LIVE 19, according the blog below.

2K has made a point of releasing new free content with each NBA 2 title, which means that 2K Games is now making a push for free-play.

The blog is a reference to the free-agency frenzy that has been occurring in recent months, which led to the launch of NBA 2 in February.

The new free mode, dubbed The Legend of Klay Thompson, will give players a chance to earn a free pass to the next level of the game, which is set to launch this fall.

Players who want to take the next step into the game can do so by signing up for the Legends of the Dunk Contest.

It’s a fun little feature that lets players test out the new skills of NBA players like Klay, Steph Curry, and Draymond Green.

You’ll also be able to earn tokens and coins through in-game events, which can be used to unlock new arenas and playlists.

2k will also be releasing a new 2K Sports app to compete with other NBA 2 players and teams.

The app will allow players to compete against each other and compete against players from other sports leagues.

2ks also released a free bundle that includes NBA 2, 2K Live, and NBA 2D.

2 k18 is set for release in late 2017.

The free NBA 2 bundle is now available for iOS and Android.

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