How to be a winner in the Border Gavaskaran Trophy gifs

If you’ve ever seen a Border GaviKaran trophy and thought “that’s cool” then you’ve probably seen the GIFs of this trophy on the internet. 

The Border GavaKaran is a Border gavakaran trophy that is only available for players who have completed the Border Games. 

It’s a Border trophy that can only be earned by completing a specific Border game (see this article for more information). 

You can only have one trophy in your trophy gif collection at a time. 

Once you’ve collected the other trophies in your collection, you’ll be able to share them with other people via your Trophy Room, so you can have a bit of fun with your trophy collection. 

Here’s how to earn the Border gavaKarans trophies. 


Collect your trophies to earn your trophies.

To get your trophy in the GIF format, simply copy the title and subtitle of the trophy into the top right corner of the GIF. 

You don’t have to paste it into the GIF, just use the title of the medal or trophy that you want to be displayed as your title. 


Make sure you have the appropriate medal or a trophy in order to earn trophies.

You can make up your own medals or trophies by following these instructions: Select the medal, trophy, or other medal that you’d like to use as your medal or medal of honor.

Click on the “Make your own medal” button in the medal section. 

Choose the medal that matches the title.

Make sure that you have enough medals to complete the medal. 

Make sure you’ve saved the medal before you upload it.

Save the medal in the same folder that you uploaded it to. 

Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you’ve made your medal, medal, or trophy. 


Save your trophy to your Trophy Library.

To upload your trophy, simply go to your trophy Library and click on “Create trophy”. 

The following steps will help you to upload your trophies as well. 

Open your Trophy library. 

Click on “Add a trophy”.

Enter the trophy that matches your title into the box that appears.

Select “Save trophy as” to upload the trophy.

The trophy will appear as soon as you upload the file. 

When you upload your new trophy, it will automatically save to your collection.

If you do not want your trophies saved in your TrophyLibrary, you can remove them and upload them to your Collection folder. 


You’ve earned the Border trophy.

If you would like to earn this trophy, follow these steps to earn it. 

Go to the trophy gallery. 

Select your medal from the medal list. 

Type in your name and the medal title.

Then select “Go to your gallery”. 

You will be taken to a page where you can select the medals that you would prefer to be added to your portfolio. 

Follow these steps in order and you will earn your trophy.

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