A history of the world’s most prestigious soccer trophy

The world’s soccer trophy has been the focus of intense speculation for nearly two decades, and a recent attempt to change the name of the trophy was halted by the United Nations General Assembly.

But with the world watching on, FIFA has confirmed that the winner of the 2018 World Cup in Russia is not a Russian, but a French.

And it will have a new name on its sleeve when it opens to the public next year.

The new FIFA logo, unveiled at a ceremony in New York, features a cross of the French flag, with a gold lion on its forehead, with an eagle at the top, in the centre and a golden eagle above.”FIFA, the global governing body of the game, will change its name to the FIFA World Cup Trophy and the 2018 FIFA World Club World Cup,” said FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke in a statement on Wednesday.

“It will be known as the FIFA FIFA World Trophy, the FIFA Football World Cup, the UEFA Champions League, the French Ligue 1 and the UEFA Europa League.”

He added: “The name will not be changed until 2019, when the 2020 and 2022 World Cups will be held in the same venues.”

We want to create a sense of pride and honour among all of our stakeholders and friends in the world of football.

“This will not change until we have won two more World Cups, so the name will remain for the duration of the tournament.”

The new name has already been put into use on social media.

Twitter user @FIFA_Cup tweeted: “This is not just a symbol of a victory, it is the ultimate expression of the spirit of the World Cup and of the FIFA brand.


The name of a previous FIFA trophy was changed to the International Cup of Nations in 2005, but it was a long time before the trophy’s new name was officially announced.

“The new design is the result of extensive consultation and analysis with our stakeholders, as well as the input of the international community, FIFA president Sepp Blatter said in a tweet on Wednesday morning.

The 2018 World Club Cup, held in South Africa, is one of the biggest tournaments in world soccer.

The tournament was held in France in April 2019.

It has been one of football’s most watched sporting events since it began in 1998 and has attracted nearly 14 million spectators, more than the combined attendance of the 2022 World Cup.

It also has become a benchmark for the best players in the country.

France has won every tournament since the start of the decade.

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