Which trophy is the most expensive on FFA’s new website?

The FFA website is the largest, most comprehensive and most extensive on the world stage, but there’s no single trophy that is the biggest, most expensive or most desirable.

Here are our picks for the most-expensive FFA player-related awards in the game.


Player of the Year (Tiger Woods) Tiger Woods is the reigning world champion at golf and has a record-breaking tournament in Melbourne in which he finished fourth.

But he has a trophy of his own, the PGA Championship, to show for his efforts, which include winning the PSA Tour title, the Nike PGA Tour Championship, the FedEx Cup, the U.S. Open and the PDC Masters Championship.

Woods also has a World Golf Championships title to his name.

He’s the best-selling golfer in history and has played in all four majors, including the PSC Tour Championship and the Masters Championship, for the last nine years.

His winning percentage of .735 is the best ever for a player-of-the-year award.

Woods has also won more majors than any other player and won more in golf’s most prestigious tournament.

He won the 2016 PGA Championships, the 2017 PGA Champions Trophy and the 2018 PGA World Championship.


PGA Player of Year (Jordan Spieth) Spieth has played almost 500 rounds of golf, the most of any golfer this year, and he has two PGA titles to his credit, including two in 2018 and one in 2017.

But it’s the PPG Championship that he’s been chasing.

Spieth, who has won at least seven majors in each of his first three seasons, has won nine times at the PGC, which is the oldest major tournament in golf, and is a three-time champion.


Players’ World Tour (Justin Rose, Sergio Garcia, Sergio Ramos) Sergio Garcia has been playing as much as the top golfers in the world, including Woods, and has been the best player in the PGM Championship this year.

But Rose, the No. 2 player in PGA history, has had more wins and has won more PGA tournaments.

Rose’s record of 10 PGA wins and 10 PPGs is the third-best all-time in the tournament.


Players of the Century (John McEnroe, Tiger Woods) John McEnroes golf success is inextricably linked to his winning, which has made him one of the most beloved golfers of all time.

But his accomplishments also have contributed to his having the most wins in the history of the PGL and PGA.

McEnroys 11 wins in five years at the World Golf Classic and six PGA victories since 2002 are the most by any golsonist in history.


Players who changed the game in 2017 (Juan Manuel Fangio, Sergio Gonzalez, Sergio Romo) Fangio and Gonzalez have been in the spotlight for the past year and a half, but they have both won three PGA championships.

Fangio is also the current PGA champion.

Gonzalez is the current World Golf Champion and has four PGA majors to his title, including a victory in 2018.

He has also been a three time PGA Champion.

Fangia’s three PGM titles are the fourth most in PGM history.


Players to make their mark on the history books (David Beckham, Phil Mickelson) Beckham’s career-highs at PGA and PGC include two PGC titles and a win at the 2016 U.N. Tour Championship.

Mickelssons PGA career-bests are two PGM championships and two PPG titles, with a total of 19 PGA PGA, PGC and PGL titles.


Player to make history (Gianni Agnelli) Agnellis record of nine PGA championship wins and three PPG championships is the second-best mark in PGL history behind only McEnrogers.

He is also in line to become the first PGA golfer to win two PGL championships.

Agnells six PGM wins and five PPG victories are the second most in the TOUR history behind McEnrols record of six PGP titles.


Player who broke records at the right time (Tim Henman, Phil Gaimon) Henman is a major-league career-long.

He began his career with the Texas Rangers and then was traded to the New York Yankees.

In the early 2000s, Henman was the leader of the Mets Triple Crown winning team and has five PGA trophies to his names.


PGL Players of Year Award (Cody Allen, David Price, Phil Michaud) Price has had a long and successful career in the golf world.

He made his PGA debut in 2011 at the Ryder Cup and has six

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