How to earn $100,000 in Astro’s Playroom trophy list

As we all know, Astro’s Trophy List is the best in the business.

So, we were surprised to see that Astro’s has announced a new $100K Astro’s trophy list for the month of March.

While there is no word on when Astro’s will add the list to their online shop, the company says that it will happen within a week.

It is unclear if the $100M prize list will be updated, but it is highly likely that it won’t.

While it’s hard to say whether this will be a permanent change or if Astro’s is just making it easier for players to earn the Astro’s trophies, we do know that the list will have the following: $100 Astro’s Medal Trophy(s) Astro’s medal is the Astro Awards award for the best new title.

$100 “Astro’s Award” Trophy(+$5,000) Astro Awards is a monthly award that is given to a game that has won a new award in the past 12 months.

$50 “Athletic Achievement” Trophy Astro’s awards are awarded for achievements in competitive play.

$25 “Awards of Excellence” Trophy A new category of Astro Awards has been added to the Astro Games awards.

$10 “Award of Excellence in Gameplay” TrophyAward for achievements that include the use of an element in a gameplay that would otherwise be considered a skill.

$5 “Achievement of the Year” Trophy The Astro Awards awards award is for a game whose use of a skill or element in competitive gameplay has significantly improved in the last month.

$3 “Avenger of the Month” TrophyThe Astro Awards are for achievements for games that have significantly improved during the last 30 days.

The Astro Games have a dedicated trophy list, but we would guess that this is just another way to reward players for the quality of their play.

Astro’s announcement is a huge step forward for the company.

While it seems that the Astro awards will be removed in March, it is still likely that they will be included in the online shop.

Hopefully we will know more about the future of Astro’s in the next month or so.

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