NFL trophy wife definition: “the wife of a major professional athlete”

The Hill article The NFL trophy spouse definition is a catchphrase that has become synonymous with the sport of football.

The term first surfaced in the 1980s when ESPN radio host Mike Tirico was asked about the wife of an NFL football player.

Tirico said that the wife is a “professional athlete.”

“There’s only one wife of any of them,” Tirico told reporters in 1984.

“There’s no wife in the NFL.

There’s only two wives in the league.

And one of them is married to a professional athlete.”

The term was a favorite among football fans for its simplicity and ease of use.

In an article in The Sporting News, the late sports writer Bob McBride described it as “a way of describing the wife or the wife-to-be of a big-time football player, or a superstar athlete, or maybe the wife for a coach or a general manager.”

According to ESPN’s sports blog, the term became a reference to the wives of NFL players during the early years of the league’s popularity.

“In the late 1960s, the phrase began to be used by fans of the sport to refer to wives of athletes who had been married to pro athletes,” ESPN reported.

“For example, when Joe Montana’s wife, Carol, had a son named Steve in 1967, many fans used the phrase to refer specifically to her.

And for decades, the wives have been referred to as wives of the most successful NFL players.”ESPN writer Bob Costas, who played a key role in writing the book “NFL in the Nineties,” said that his definition of the term was not always the best, but he said that it was “the closest approximation.””

I’m sure the phrase has been used by other writers in the past, and I think that’s the way it’s been used,” Costas said.

“I don’t know how much better the term would be if the term wasn’t a reference but a way of using it.”

He added that it is a little hard to quantify how well the term is used in a modern day context, but said that fans of NFL football are using it in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

“The term ‘Trophy Wife’ has become a popular phrase used by some NFL fans to describe the wives or wives-to, or wives for, some of the big-name players in the game today,” Costes said.

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